Project: Game development

One of my longest hobbies, computer games and how 2D / 3D rendering engines work inspired me to create my own C++ 2D/3D engine for games and simulations.



The idea was to create an MMORPG with a life-science background, first it started out as a training exercise in programming. But along the way the project grew and grew and soon i ended up with a basic client and server model supporting ~200 users online. Later on it occurred to me that it would perhaps be possible to have client-code open-source to see if people are interested in developing it further. Thats why i put the code on Github and made a small presentation to show the idea behind the game.


This idea led to the development of a server (storing information about clients) in charge of managing and monitoring the game. The server is at the moment composed of the following parts:
Server status
- Basic file I/O
- Monitor & accept incoming connections
- Creating new users
- Managing user movement
- Managing user chat
- Object collision
- First 'AI'
Client status
- Basic file I/O
- Create accounts on server
- Log into the game world
- Viewing the World in 3D
- Movement
- Chat with other players
- View other players movement
- Camera movement in 3D
- Basic object interaction
More information will become available, check out the screen shotsection to get an impression of the game and its current stageof development

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