Old Games

I've always been a big fan of computer games, and then especially the classical strategy, RPG and puzzle games. I notices that most of the games that I used to play as a kid are now available as AbandonWare.On this page a selection of games which I used to play long ago, The games that you can download here, are provided by gameswin.org and abandonia.com. I'm just mirroring the files for an No Add Download.
I hope you will enjoy these old games, as much as I did ;)

The files are either compressed as a zip or rar file, RarLab provides winrar to unpack these archives. Also some games require DosBox to run correctly and DeamonTools if there is an CD image (also called ISO) involved.A walk through on how to install e.g. Warcraft II:

  1. 0. Download DosBox and DeamonTools and install them onto your computer. After installation you need to restart your computer.
  2. 1. Download Warcraft II and unpack the rar onto your HDD (e.g. d:)
  3. 2. Right click the Deamon icon (Virtual devices -> Select CD drive -> Mount image -> Select Warcraft2.iso)
  4. 3. Start Dosbox and mount the HDD and CD drives:
    mount d: d:/
    mount f: f:/ -t cdrom
  5. 4. Now goto your CD-drive (I use F as drive letter here)
  6. 5. Follow the installation instructions and install the game
  7. 6. Goto the directory where you installed the game:
    cd war2

    to start the game

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