More security via HTTPS

By Danny Arends in Website
Posted at: 08 Dec 2013, 23:12, last edited: 08 Dec 2013, 23:14

After a weekend of hard work I finished a long long wish of mine.

implementing openSSL into the DaNode web server

This website is hosted by myself on my work computer. I have written the server myself using the D programming language. The website has been using HTTP/1.1 for some time now and I always wanted to add openSSL to secure connections to and from my website

Using the Deimos project (see here), which provides bindings for common C libraries in D I was able to implement a basic HTTPS handshake prototcol and allow the website to show an SSL certificate to the browser and setup a secure connection.

The certificate I'm using is self signed (meaning I created it myself), so the browser will warn you about the certificate not being VALID but NOT YET TRUSTED... Just look at it and you'll see my name in there, if you add it as an exception there is a plain text page there.

I intend to replace the self signed certificate with a normal one, and transfer be served entirely using HTTPS

Well checkout the results here:

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