Data analysis using R

By Danny Arends in YouTube
Posted at: 28 Jan 2022, 15:23, last edited: 28 Jan 2022, 16:14

Due to the pandemic I taught my R programming course online via Twitch, and made the videos available on YouTube.

The 'Data analysis using R' course (50 hours in total) is aimed at MSc and PhD biology students that haven't had any/minimal previous experience with programming. Find the playlist here

The following topics are discussed:

Lecture 1 - History and Introduction
Lecture 2 - More introduction
Lecture 3 - Data
Lecture 4 - Descriptive statistics
Lecture 5 - Plots Plots Plots
Lecture 6 - Statistical testing
Lecture 7 - Algorithms and functions
Lecture 8 - Creating an R package
Lecture 9 - Introduction to Regression
Lecture 10 - Mixed Model analysis
Lecture 11 - Generalized linear models

There is also an additional lecture where I analyze a data set contributed by a student of the course. This lecture is called 'Fishy Data'.

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